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MAMMA MIA - (Jo Hodgson, Theatreview)

Julie O'Brien takes us right into Donna's world; she makes us laugh, feel her frustrations, her hurt and her deep love for her daughter.  It is a massive role to traverse, both vocally and emotionally, and Julie certainly pulls out every stop on opening night, especially in the one the audience waits for ‘The Winner Takes All'.

CARRIE THE MUSICAL - (Pepe Becker, Theatreview)

Not so humorous is the role of Margaret White, Carrie's religiously tormented and tormenting mother, artfully and heartfully played and sung by Julie O'Brien.

CARRIE THE MUSICAL - (Ewen Coleman, Theatreview)

Yet, for all its loud and high-octane performances, there are some great moments played out in a softer tone, particularly from O'Brien and Street as mother and daughter, their duets perfectly pitched and sung with genuine emotions and poignancy.

DOWNTON ADLIB - (John Smythe, Theatreview)

Julie O'Brien, who delivers a redoubtable housekeeper in Mrs McGee, doubles as an undercover journalist from The Women's Monthly, desperate for the scoop that will prevent her losing her job. This thread provokes appropriate horror at a woman even having such a (gasp) job.

DOWNTON ADLIB - (Adam Dodd, Theatreview)

Julie O'Brien captures the audience's attention, bringing an immediate energy to her scenes and establishing her differing characters with banter and self depreciation.

...O'Brien's physicality and accents bring colour and spectacle to her exchanges. 

HAIRSPRAY - (Jo Hodgson, Theatreview)

Julie O'Brien, a veteran on this stage, plays the self absorbed and single minded Velma with huge strength of character and voice. 

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